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Intellectual Property Rights

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Copyrights Violations   

At Financial Metrics Nigeria, we do not take copyrights infringement easily. If you feel that your Intellectual Property Rights are being infringed or that our posts infringed our Terms of Use, please kindly contact us to take the infringed materials down. After confirming that we infringed on your work, we will swiftly apologize to you and take the work down. You can reach us at financialmetricsnigeria@gmail.com and the infringed work will be taken down immediately.


Financial Metrics Nigeria website users are restricted from the following actions when using this website: 

  • No part of the materials on the site are to be commercialized in whatsoever form and monetized without the prior knowledge of Financial Metrics Nigeria.
  • The usage of this website for any marketing platform. 
  • Impersonation of the Financial Metrics Nigeria team. 
  • The usage of this website in any form that will damage the site. 
  • The usage of this website in a way that it will impact negatively on other users. 
  • Spamming other users with non-related comments. 
  • Abusing of other website users.
  • All forms of abusive language while commenting on our posts are highly prohibited. 

Users should please adhere strictly to these outlined rules.

Our Opinions Might Be Wrong

The information on this website is strictly for general information’s sake. Users should please note that our views, opinions, and analyses must not always be correct at all times. 

Your Content

Users should please note that in Financial metrics Nigeria T&C, Your Content simply means any video, text, images text that are uploaded by our blog visitors. Users should kindly note that the usage of this content by Financial Metrics Nigeria does not attract any form of royalty nor compensation from us. 

Users’ content should be free from any form of plagiarism and shouldn’t be infringing on other users’ rights. Financial Metrics Nigeria reserves the right to take down such content without prior notice.

Unauthorized Use

Unauthorized use of this website is highly prohibited. Users are urged to use the information published on this website for information purposes sake only.

No warranties

The materials and contents published on this website do not serve as a form of consultation or advice to the users and we don’t provide warranties of any form to our esteemed users. 


Financial Metrics Nigeria grants users personal and non-transferrable access to our site. The articles published on this website are for the interest of our blog users and they are not to be used for any commercial purposes. The usage of this site rests entirely on the shoulders of our blog visitors. 


You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent of these Terms and Conditions against any form of liabilities, costs, demands, and damages resulting from the violation of these terms of usage.  

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are under the jurisdiction of the laws of the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

Revision of Terms

Financial Metrics Nigeria will review and update these Terms and Conditions when necessary. We shall update our users about any changes to our usage of terms. 


If we notice that any of these Terms are found not realizable or feasible, we will swiftly modify or delete such Terms and Conditions. Unenforceable or invalid terms will also be modified or deleted. 


These Terms and Conditions represent the agreements between Financial Metrics Nigeria and its website users. These terms are outlined for strict compliance between us.